Lake Sammamish Sprint Tri – finished on the first page of the results

I did my first triathlon race in May at Issaquah Triathlon and today I was back doing a tri on the virtually the same course. Excited to see how much I would be able to improve my result and I’m really proud of todays result.  The Issaquah Sprint took me 1:28 to finish and I place 218 overall and 37th in my age group. Today I surprised myself with a 66th place overall out of 455 and 4th out of 32 in my age group but most importantly I shaved off 10 minutes.

Today was a lot of fun which started with a fast swim where I really tried to go all out and I kept aLakeSammTri2011-Swim really good tempo at the front of my wave for the first 300 m or so but couldn’t keep it up all the way but a 6:32 swim gave me a really good start. Crowed at the end of the swim cheered a lot and I felt I was among the first out of the water, turns out my time was 28th overall and just 4-5 ahead of me in my Male 35-44 year old wave.

My lungs burned a good 10 minutes or so into the bike so I did start a little too hard but my plan was to test going all out on the swim and push hard on the bike and then endure the run as much as I can without using my watch to check my pace.

The bike ride was fun trying to stay ahead of the pack of wolf on their Tri bikes and for a while I felt like I wasn’t moving at all when all the top athletes passed me so quick I just felt the air as they swooshed by. Some of these guys started a bit too hard and I caught up with a handful but I ended up riding alone  for the second half, in a vacuum behind the top and ahead of the racers that are human like me on the bike .. ie sub 20mph in average. At one point I even thought I had missed a turn somewhere .. where is everyone?

Second transition was pretty straight forward and on the run which is where I need to really work a lot on LakeSammTri2011_Bikeenhancing my lung capacity and endurance to be able to speed up a bit. It was passing time again and it wasn’t me passing anyone…  I didn’t use my watch at all on the run as I wanted to see if would actually run faster if I didn’t have the watch showing the pace and it turned out I wasn’t any faster and it was annoying to not know how far I had left. I was really tired the last mile on the run and was so glad when I saw the finish and even happier when I noticed that I was going to come in at under 1.20. I didn’t really know how I had raced compared to others so when I checked the posted results I couldn’t find my name among the 200 that were posted … but I was checking the third and forth paper where I usually find my name not realizing that my name was listed as nr 66 on the first page not even 15 minutes after the winner.

YES , YES, YES – the early morning training sessions and all the hard work I have put in has really paid off. My goal LakeSamm Tri2011-Finishfor the races this season has been to be on the top 50% but today I really surprised myself and placed 4th out of 32 in my age groups.

Talking with my Pro Club Tri Team friends after the race it turns out we are 3-4 that might push each other into doing the Black diamond half ironman in 4 weeks – get it over with and really train for one of those races next season with a little experience from doing one..

Next race: Lake Stevens Olympic Triathlon 10 Sept and then Black Diamond Olympic or Long Course (70.3)


View Results on

Swim  Distance Mph Pace T1
Issaquah Sprint 0:08:39 0.25 1.73 34:36.0 03:38
Cottage Lake Super Sprint 0:06:39 0.25 2.26 26:36.0 01:31
Whidbey Island Sprint 0:14:05 0.5 2.13 28:10.0 02:48
Finish Strong Olympic 0:19:25 0.7 2.16 27:44.3 01:43
Lake Sammamish Sprint 0:06:32 0.25 2.30 26:08.0
Bike Distance Mph Pace T2
Issaquah Sprint 0:46:29 14.8 19.10 03:08.4 1:27
Cottage Lake Super Sprint 0:28:21 9.2 19.47 03:04.9 0:44
Whidbey Island Sprint 1:06:08 19.5 17.69 03:23.5 1:00
Finish Strong Olympic 1:29:51 28 18.70 03:12.5 01:08
Lake Sammamish Sprint 0:45:18 14.8 19.60 03:03.6 0:57
Run Distance  Mph Pace
Issaquah Sprint 0:28:07 3.2 6.83 08:47.2
Cottage Lake Super Sprint 0:12:51 1.6 7.47 08:01.9
Whidbey Island Sprint 0:30:12 3.8 7.55 07:56.8
Finish Strong Olympic 0:52:25 6.2 7.10 08:27.3
Lake Sammamish Sprint 0:25:41 3.2 7.48 08:01.6
Time Overall Age group
Issaqua Sprint 1:28:18 218/374 37/66
Cottage Lake Super Sprint 0:49:31 13/230 3/11
Whidbey Island Sprint 1:54:14 67/219 5/11
Finish Strong Olympic 2:44:33 41/78 5/8
Lake Sammamish Sprint 1:18:29 66/455 4/32

Mixing it up this summer and looking forward to off season training

Training for three different sports is really fun as there is no way you get bored.. I try to mix up my training so that I do each of my sports at least twice per week but it doesn’t always work out that way.Three runs a week is pretty much standard with a day each on short and long interval and then the long run on the weekend is substituted my a race now and then. Doing the interval training is a lot of fun and over the last two months I have started to like the 8 x 400m workout a lot. My triathlon 5k,10k race runs are faster than any 10k or 5k race I did over the winter… still not under 8 min/mile on the 10k but working on it.

The bike training hasn’t really been working that well.. I do a nice spinning class on Mondays and then a bike rid if I have a race or a triathlon team training on the weekend. This is really not enough and I have to get into a habit of riding more for next season.

Swimming is fun .. at my first tri in May I panicked and had to breaststroke half of the short 400m and now after attending Mr Crampy’s swimclinics and just getting out and do at least 1 open water swim ever week I have no problem doing 1-2 miles training swims and my swim times at events are pretty good.

I log all my training sessions on and realize that I am mixing it up pretty well across my three sports. Funbeat is also available in English at


Going down the stretch of triathlon race season with 1 sprint this weekend and then 2 olympics in September and really looking forward to off season strength and conditioning to prepare for a 70.3 (11.3 in Sweden) race next summer.


I’m an Olympian

Well not quite true of course but I did do my first Olympic distance triathlon today and I finished the race and even finished strong. I have just done sprint tri’s so far and the my big worry was the run – I really don’t know how hard I can bike and still have power left for the bike without cramping up.

This race really started three weeks ago when I did a long hard brick workout with the ProClub tri team where we biked 40 miles over the 7 hills of Kirkland course and then a 10k run. I managed to run 7k before my legs started cramping so something was wrong with my nutrition or speed on bike or run. The bike was really tough so my guess is that I just didn’t have fuel left in my legs and Coach Michael told me I should tri some salt tablets to keep the cramp away.

Time for Finish Strong Olympic Triathlon in Monroe, Washington

345 AM – what is going on, who is calling middle of the night, can somebody please answer that phone and turn off that sound … after a good oatmeal with bananas breakfast I packed the last things into the car and out Alan’s and my bike on the bike rack. Alan dropped by yesterday to drop of his gear so we could get a good start in the morning. We got up to Monroe at 530, right when registration and transition opened and it was totally dark but we could see that the lake was covered in a thick fog. Race was delayed 15 minutes to let the fog clear and when wave 1 started Alan and I together with another 25 guys supposed to start in Wave 2 were left on the beach as all men apparently started at the same time …

Swim course was a bit odd and actually must have been a little shorter than 1500 meters as after struggling a bit with astma and having to breaststroke to get air a minute or so I finished the swim in 19:25 which is maybe 4-5 minutes less than what I had expected on 1500. Lake was shallow and really warm and I thought I was going to strand as a big whale a few times during the swim as all in a sudden my hands hit the bottom. My swim was ranked 36th which is a bit disappointing but given that I was still holding my goggles waiting for next wave at the start. It was a good experience swimming through, over, under the crowd. T1 went good and with a couple of breathers with the astma inhalator I was as good as new and exited transition at 1:43.

I felt strong getting out on the little longer bike ride which I knew was going to pretty flat. Olympic distance should be 26 miles but this was 28. The bike race went ok and I felt good all the way .. too good actually, probably could have pushed a bit harder as I finished in 1:29 with average of just under 19mph on this flat course. I was worried about leaving enough juice in my legs for the run so took it easy.. next time I will push it more. During the bike I managed to get the right amount of nutrition with Gu Gel and salt tablets plus plenty of water.

Transition to Run was good at 1:08 and I started my run a bit fast as usual but quickly managed to control my tempo to a 8.30-8.45 minutes per mile tempo which I knew I could do over 6 miles. Legs felt fantastic and I really need to get some more cardio work done as my run tempo is limited by my lungs… off season work is going to so much fun. When I went through the goal/transition are for the second 5K the sun really started to heat up but the cheering from the crowd really helped. I stayed at a steady tempo and at 4 miles I heard a familiar sound behind me, Alan had caught me which I expected would happen during the run .. he is really fast on the run. I felt ok all through the run and managed to speed up a bit on the last mile to finish in 52.25 which probably is my fastest 10k. Next time I think I will run without having my speed and pace visible on my watch as I think I will run faster.

During the whole race it was great to see other ProClub Tri team athletes on the course and of course Denise cheering us on during the run after she rocked the sprint race. During the run I put up a minor goal to finish my first 5k before Jason H in the ProClub team (5th overall with 2.17) finished his second and last 5K …he passed me 100 yards before the 5K turn.

I finished the race in about 2.44:33 and according to Jason and others the total time for them was similar to a normal Olympic as the swim was a bit short and the bike was longer. Longer swim is better for me… I am really happy that I felt ok throughout the race and I know I left a few minutes on the course. New olympic race in three weeks and then I will decide in a couple of days if I will do the Black Diamond half ironman last weekend of September or just stick with another olympic.

Times compared to other races (swim distance this weekend is 0.75 in the table as I don’t know how long it actually was.). Link to the full results from this weekend on







Issaqua Sprint






Cottage Lake Super Sprint






Whidbey Island Sprint






Finish Strong Olympic












Issaqua Sprint






Cottage Lake Super Sprint






Whidbey Island Sprint






Finish Strong Olympic












Issaqua Sprint






Cottage Lake Super Sprint






Whidbey Island Sprint






Finish Strong Olympic









Age group


Issaqua Sprint






Cottage Lake Super Sprint






Whidbey Island Sprint






Finish Strong Olympic







// Brjann

Whidbey Island Triathlon race report

I had my eyes set on the Enumclaw Olympic tri on 8/7 but that race was cancelled so I looked around for other race and found Whidbey Island Sprint Tri. Great race to do instead of the Olympic as the swim distance at this spring was .5 miles instead of the .25 many other sprints have. Thanks Cody and the boot campers, my running is getting much better but the four week vacation away from my bike didn’t really help on the hills. Big thanks also to the team at Mr Crampy’s and the experienced triathletes that help out at the swim clinics at Beaver Lake as these really help newbies like me getting used to the triathlon specifics of an open swim.  Like their page on Facebook and join the clinics for some fun.

It was a 9 am start but I needed to catch the 6 am ferry to have time to check in and then set up my two different transition stations since this was a point to point race with Swim at Goss Lake and then the run started and finished at Community Park. The organizers really did a good job managing the transportation between the transition stations that are 7 miles apart and overall this was a well managed event and even if the first transition is really odd it was a great day on beautiful Whidbey Island.

The swim was in Goss Lake in 70+ degrees and I though about wearing the wetsuit or not but given that I have only done open water swimming in the suit I opted to use it.

Started the swim at the front right side and quickly found a couple of bubble makers to draft off but for some reason I lost them a couple of minutes into the swim so I continued in a good tempo and I didn’t realize I was going the wrong direction until it was too late… oh that is why I lost those feet Sad smile  I excited the swim at just over 14 minutes which is a bit slow for me but I had just done an extra 100 meters or so.. The transition is really odd, you run up and change in to your bike gear which is stuffed into a plastic bag before the race and then you run to your bike in other place in T1.

Bike ride started with a hill and luckily I had heard about that so had my bike set on low gear and was able to get a good start. Just a 10 minutes into the ride my legs were on fire, pulse was way up after the swim and due to the hills in the first few miles. The cheering from the locals really helped me getting into the zone and my second time around was better and I felt ok even if I was passed by many on the long hills but but happy to say that my downhill and flat riding is fairly fast so I was able to catch up and pass a few as well. The hills weren’t steep but long and I think I should do some more Hollywood hill training rides..

All in all the bike was ok and I’m really thankful to one of my fellow riders who took time to let me know that the first part of the run would be all uphill. I fueled up and tried to flush my legs on the last mile. Transition 2 went well , found my shoes and hat and left my bike and gear at T2 and headed into the dark forest on Whidbey Island. Run started up up up for about a mile through a really nice trail through the forest ending on a soccer field and after that it was all flat or downhill so even if my first mile was just over 9 minutes I was able to finish the run in just under 8 min per mile which is basically my goal for these runs.

How did it go? When I crossed the finish line I was happy to see that it was under 2 hours and I wasn’t totally out of breath so maybe I didn’t quite go all out on the run..

Official Results where you can see that the winner was in my age group and was “only” 25 minutes before me Whidbey Island 2011 Triathlon Results and that my different splits except the swim were all ranked around 75th and my swim ranked 30th.

Net Time: 01:54:14
Swim (1/2 mile) : 00:14:05
T1: 00:02:48
Bike (19.5 miles): 01:07:08
T2: Not recorded so estimated to 1 min in table below
Run (3.8 miles): 00:30:12

I finished 67th overall out of 219 and 5th out of 11 in my age group which is a really nice improvement from the first sprint and if you read my blog after that race you might remember that my goal at next sprint was to get into the top 50%. The Cottage Lake sprint wasn’t as competitive as the other two so placement is a bit misleading. Swim and run shows improvement in pace but the Whidbey bike ride was much harder.

Swim  Distance Mph Pace T1
Issaqua Sprint 0:08:39 0.25 1.73 34:36.0 03:38
Cottage Lake Super Sprint 0:06:39 0.25 2.26 26:36.0 01:31
Whidbey Island Sprint 0:14:05 0.5 2.13 28:10.0 02:48
Bike Distance Mph Pace T2
Issaqua Sprint 0:46:29 14.8 19.10 03:08.4 1:27
Cottage Lake Super Sprint 0:28:21 9.2 19.47 03:04.9 0:44
Whidbey Island Sprint 1:06:08 19.5 17.69 03:23.5 1:00
Run Distance  Mph Pace
Issaqua Sprint 0:28:07 3.2 6.83 08:47.2
Cottage Lake Super Sprint 0:12:51 1.6 7.47 08:01.9
Whidbey Island Sprint 0:30:12 3.8 7.55 07:56.8
Time Overall Age group
Issaqua Sprint 1:28:18 218/374 37/66
Cottage Lake Super Sprint 0:49:31 13/230 3/11
Whidbey Island Sprint 1:54:14 67/219 5/11

Swim clinic at Beaver Lake

9 am Sunday morning there were about 10 fishing poles at Beaver Lake and then about 20 nutcases (at least that’s how the guys fishing looked at us) ready to jump in the water for a swim clinic with the great folks from Mr. Crampys. I swam with the experienced group and really learned a lot about swimming in a crowd, turning around the buoys but also nice tips on effective swim technique in case you hit waves. Before this morning I had spent a total of 15 minutes doing open water swimming as part of my two races so far so I was a little worried but about 50 minutes later I had kept up with the group and done the drills successfully. I have to swim more with the suit on as I’m still not used to the pressure around my chest but if I just pull the neckline and get some water in it feels fine again.. think I will get used to this and be able to get through a mile or so in August/September. 


First tri done … I am not a strong swimmer!

Alarm clock woke me up at 445 this morning and really nice to to see the beautiful blue sky and the sun.  I packed my transition bag the night before with my wetsuit, swim cap, earplugs, googles, bike shoes, running shoes, towels, helmet, sunglasses, baby oil, anti chafe stick … I understand why they have these huge transition bags. Oh, btw baby oil is for your legs and arms so the wetsuit comes off quicker.

I got to the park before 6 to pick up my race packet with my bib and to get my number and age painted on my shoulders and legs .. might be for the paramedics… 38 year old male, nr 52 found in the ditch.

At 645 I walked down to the beach with my wetsuit halfway on to attend the race meeting and I noticed that the yellow buoys were really far out .. is that really just 400 meters?? Just after 7 the first men in the elite group were sent of and by the time I got into the water waiting for my wave at 715 the first guy was about to exit the water so I guess it is just 400m.

I thought I was a pretty strong swimmer but open water swim in 59 F / 15 C is not even close to swimming indoor. I took it really easy for the first 150 meters but my breathing just got shorter and shorter so I ended up swimming breast stroke for next 200 before finishing “strong” … I have the utmost respect for anyone that is an open water swimmer and I have no idea how I am going to do 1600 m later this summer. The good part is that even if I did the breast stroke I managed to stay ahead of most of the guys in my wave but my time was somewhere close to 10 minutes which was disappointing.

Baby oil worked and wetsuit came off ok so quickly out on the 15 mile bike ride where I think I managed to stay around 18 mph average on a fairly easy course then transition over to the 3 mile run and I did the transition at around 1 hour but the run was tough in grass, mud and gravel.

Overall I am happy with getting in at I believe just under 1.30 and todays learning is that the wetsuit will go with me to Sweden this summer and I will do a lot of swimming to get ready for the Olympic Distance in August and September.

Update with official results; 37 of 66 in my age group and 218 of 374. I will get into the upper 50% next time Smile

Net Time: 01:28:18
Swim (1/4 mile) : 00:08:39
T1: 00:03:38
Bike (14.8 miles): 00:46:29
T2: 00:01:27
Run (3.2 miles): 00:28:07

Next tri is in two weeks


Trail run @ Triathlon team startup

Alarm clock went off at 6.15 this Saturday morning. Better get used to it as it will do that every Saturday until October. Met up with about 40 people for the kick off of the 2011 ProClub Triathlon team with introductions and it sounds like a really fun group with everything from Ironman to Beginner triathletes and Boston Marathon runners to beginners like me who. Fairly common across the room was that swimming was the big worry – with my swim training as a teenager and the fact that I do enjoy swimming laps now and then I am more worried about riding a road bike.

With really great weather with temperature just above freezing and no rain all of us took off for self paced trail run for a total of just over 12km but we there were a couple of turning points at 5k and 10k if you didn’t want to do the whole run. It started really nice and then the hills came.. my third kilometer took me 8 minutes as I had to walk up for a little while. Very nice run though and when I turned at the 6k point to head back I felt pretty good because I knew that there are hills coming but that there are good flat sections to get some power back in the legs and make up some time. I had a lot of fun and cant wait to get on this trail again now that I know what it looks like.

// Brjann

Data from the run
Distance: 12.14km
Time taken: 01:17:56
Average/Max Speed : 9.34/19.81 kph
Average/Min Pace : 00:06:25/00:03:01
Calories: 1250
Altitude up/down:472 / 473m
Wind of 6 kmH from bearing 125 (SE)

First time with padded pants

When I told my family that I was going to do a Triathlon their first response was: are you going to wear Speedos and bike pants with diapers?

Well.. I will wear long “speedo’s” and I did try out my new padded bike shorts today and I must say it is a big difference on that small, hard saddle.

Charlotte’s foot is getting a little better but I’m still the designated driver so I decided to do a bike ride at ProClub when I drove her to physical therapy. I have no idea how to train on the bike but I figure it cant be bad to do 45 min of level 8 on the Hill program on the Lemond bike. I did 16.6 miles in 45 minutes so about 22 mph in average … have no idea if that is good or not but I think I need to go for higher level or a longer ride as I did have quite a bit more in me.

It has been a pretty good first week of training with the bike ride today, 2 runs (Sunday-Tuesday) and 2 body burn classes (Monday-Wednesday). I met one of the Triathlon coaches today and heard that we are just doing a 7.5 miles trail run on Saturday …  he also pointed out that there are a couple of bail out points along the trail if I want to cut it shorter.

Resting tomorrow and then a fun run on Saturday



Happy with my run today

Trying to find my pace on 5k+ runs. I believe I can get down to 5 min/km or 8 min/mile over a 10k race but I have some work to do. Today I did 4.41mi / 7.1 km in 0:38:45 feeling pretty ok after the run.

I have installed a GPS application called RunSat on my Windows Phone 7 and it gives me some data about the run and uploads to

Distance: 4.41mi / 7.1 km
Time taken: 00:38:45
Average Speed : 6.82mph
Average pace : 08:48 min/mile, 05:27 min/km

/ Brjann

Body Burn … new strength focused class

Today Charlotte and I tried out a new class focused on more strength training and it was a lot of fun and I think at least my upper body will be very sore tomorrow. Charlotte, my hero, went down hard after about 20 minutes with a sprained ankle .. no fun but I look forward to taking care of her a few days.

This class was run for the first time today and it was pretty good with focus on upper body strength then a cardio section with strength focus, lower body then cardio and finally a grande finale of upper and lower strength combined with cardio …  easy 700 calories in 50 minutes of work but most of all a good strength workout.

If you live in the Redmond area and a member at ProClub I can strongly recommend getting an access pass for a month and try out all the classes as the coaches are really good and we have a lot of fun.

/ Brjann