First time with padded pants

When I told my family that I was going to do a Triathlon their first response was: are you going to wear Speedos and bike pants with diapers?

Well.. I will wear long “speedo’s” and I did try out my new padded bike shorts today and I must say it is a big difference on that small, hard saddle.

Charlotte’s foot is getting a little better but I’m still the designated driver so I decided to do a bike ride at ProClub when I drove her to physical therapy. I have no idea how to train on the bike but I figure it cant be bad to do 45 min of level 8 on the Hill program on the Lemond bike. I did 16.6 miles in 45 minutes so about 22 mph in average … have no idea if that is good or not but I think I need to go for higher level or a longer ride as I did have quite a bit more in me.

It has been a pretty good first week of training with the bike ride today, 2 runs (Sunday-Tuesday) and 2 body burn classes (Monday-Wednesday). I met one of the Triathlon coaches today and heard that we are just doing a 7.5 miles trail run on Saturday …  he also pointed out that there are a couple of bail out points along the trail if I want to cut it shorter.

Resting tomorrow and then a fun run on Saturday



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