Strike Plan 1

I know i can swing the club ok and can hit lot of greens for pretty low scores at times. I can feel when I miss hit toe or heel. I can somewhat adjust to hit either toe or heel on command. – that is all when i am on the range. On the course i am all over the place finding that sweet spot consistently.

I want to shoot in 60’s one time this season and know it will take some effort.

I see my stats for approach shots slowly creep up above 50% GIR but also continue to see misses dominated by fat shots or toes and pulls going left. Green misses from 200 yds and in are close to 30% short and 12 % left.

I really like practicing so why not practice deliberately towards striking the ball better.

Got the Strike Plan from for less than a greenfee. First lesson is basic where do you strike the ball but its filled with great drills. Went trough the concepts video and did a first session on range armed with some foot spray just validating where i hit and i got some good info. Cool drill to ljne up with ball in middle and try to hit toe or heel is good practice in adjusting. Line up with ball on toe and find sweet spot worked really well for me but opposite heel line up was harder. Gate drill where i have tee on each side was hard to find good distance for tees with my small blade club head. Overall good drills and will stick to them for a few more sessions before taking on next lesson and also feel that i will keep going back to these line up and adjust drills now and then.

Tip – make sure you are downwind from others on range when applying foot spray to your clubs.

– Brjann