One week with no exercise but ended with nice ride

Last weekend started out great with hill climb run on Saturday and plan was to do 10 miles on Sunday but the trails in Bridle Trails were muddy and in an attempt to jump over some mud and horse s..t I rolled my ankle. Feared for the worst after falling and rolling over on the trail a few times but got up and limped back to the car. It was actually not that bad and after 2-3 days of completely staying off it and taking it really easy for a week I now can walk without any pain so decided to join the team for the first outdoor bike ride of the season

The ride yesterday in the windy and rainy just above freezing Redmond and Woodinville went really well. Easy 22 miles on Sammamish River trail with a nice ride up Hollywood Hill in Woodinville. Coach Cody let me know that it was a good hill to practice your seated climb and I almost made it without getting out of the saddle but going back down was scary at +30mph in the rain.

Riding along the Sammamish river with world-famous St. Michelle Winery and being tempted to stop for refreshments at Redhook Ale brewery is quite nice and I can’t wait for the weather to clear up so I can do the ride again in the sun and perhaps get my girls on their bikes for a ride to Redhook for lunch at least.

Because of the sprained ankle I have to cancel my half marathon in 2 weeks but there are more races to come so doesn’t bother me that much. Next week is all bike and swim before I head down to Las Vegas for a work conference where I hope to get back to running a little bit.

Passing on your left!