Trail run @ Triathlon team startup

Alarm clock went off at 6.15 this Saturday morning. Better get used to it as it will do that every Saturday until October. Met up with about 40 people for the kick off of the 2011 ProClub Triathlon team with introductions and it sounds like a really fun group with everything from Ironman to Beginner triathletes and Boston Marathon runners to beginners like me who. Fairly common across the room was that swimming was the big worry – with my swim training as a teenager and the fact that I do enjoy swimming laps now and then I am more worried about riding a road bike.

With really great weather with temperature just above freezing and no rain all of us took off for self paced trail run for a total of just over 12km but we there were a couple of turning points at 5k and 10k if you didn’t want to do the whole run. It started really nice and then the hills came.. my third kilometer took me 8 minutes as I had to walk up for a little while. Very nice run though and when I turned at the 6k point to head back I felt pretty good because I knew that there are hills coming but that there are good flat sections to get some power back in the legs and make up some time. I had a lot of fun and cant wait to get on this trail again now that I know what it looks like.

// Brjann

Data from the run
Distance: 12.14km
Time taken: 01:17:56
Average/Max Speed : 9.34/19.81 kph
Average/Min Pace : 00:06:25/00:03:01
Calories: 1250
Altitude up/down:472 / 473m
Wind of 6 kmH from bearing 125 (SE)

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