Mixing it up this summer and looking forward to off season training

Training for three different sports is really fun as there is no way you get bored.. I try to mix up my training so that I do each of my sports at least twice per week but it doesn’t always work out that way.Three runs a week is pretty much standard with a day each on short and long interval and then the long run on the weekend is substituted my a race now and then. Doing the interval training is a lot of fun and over the last two months I have started to like the 8 x 400m workout a lot. My triathlon 5k,10k race runs are faster than any 10k or 5k race I did over the winter… still not under 8 min/mile on the 10k but working on it.

The bike training hasn’t really been working that well.. I do a nice spinning class on Mondays and then a bike rid if I have a race or a triathlon team training on the weekend. This is really not enough and I have to get into a habit of riding more for next season.

Swimming is fun .. at my first tri in May I panicked and had to breaststroke half of the short 400m and now after attending Mr Crampy’s swimclinics and just getting out and do at least 1 open water swim ever week I have no problem doing 1-2 miles training swims and my swim times at events are pretty good.

I log all my training sessions on Funbeat.se and realize that I am mixing it up pretty well across my three sports. Funbeat is also available in English at Funbeat.net. http://www.funbeat.net/person/overview.aspx?PersonID=185213


Going down the stretch of triathlon race season with 1 sprint this weekend and then 2 olympics in September and really looking forward to off season strength and conditioning to prepare for a 70.3 (11.3 in Sweden) race next summer.


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