Unfamiliar territory due to trusted fade

I got myself a new driver and I am seeing myself being in 2nd shot from 60–100 yds range more often. My game has been lot of wayward drives and relying on up and downs for scoring. This new thing is showing great progress but the biggest reason is really that i feel very comfortable relying on a fade. Big miss is manageable and the hits go really far. I really need to get my distances dialed in on 60-100 yds!

My trust in the fade off the tee got me thinking of why not go back to my fade with irons as well. Just spent good part of a year trying to get consistency with a draw. Fee weeks ago i put my Titleist MB 4 iron back in the bag and from tee i can really hit that long draw but off fw i just cant – the fade is so much easier,

I had an hour on the range yesterday hitting only fades with all clubs and played 18 shooting 74, low score of the year breaking all of Hank Haynes rules for no 3 putts, no penalties and no 2 chips.

My confidence in iron shots and drive is really high and I’m excited to get s few more range sessions and rounds fading the ball.

Driver is an Epic SZ 10.5′ that i ordered with project x hzrdus black but came with s hzrdus yellow and Callaway gave me option to testing it for 30 days. So far its good but will try to find a black to test as the fade swing is pretty aggressive and perhaps not suited for the backweighted yellow.

More to come of my quest for the consitent fade and som putting practice.