Officially an endurance “sort of” athlete

After months of waiting and training I finally did my first multi sport event today. I say sort of athlete as I was little over an hour behind the real athletes in the race but I accomplished what I had hoped: to finish! I have been a bit off training in the last few weeks after my sprained ankle so it was a push to sign up for the long race but I might as well try.

Didn’t start to good yesterday when I took the bike down from its roof hook and it discovered it had a flat..  I changed a flat last weekend and I suspected there is something in the tire so off to buy a tire and some tubes.

Beautiful, amazing drive to Enumclaw this morning at 530 AM as the close I got the bigger the majestic snow covered Mt Rainier became even if I was a bit worried as the external temperature was just above freezing…

Very sunny but cold start at 8am and I dressed a bit warm as half way into the first 5.2 mile run I was really warm. Finished the first run in about 45 min and got on the bike for 2 times 14.4 miles and I was passed over and over again by these “real” athletes with their $10K triathlon and time-trial bikes. I felt like a tourist on a Sunday afternoon bike ride to the Redhook Brewery but as we got closer to the half way point where the 2 mile hill climb was I actually started to catch up to the field and then my calves went on vacation… cramps cramps cramps… even on the ending mile long 30 miles per hour down hill I had cramps.

Down the hill and then back on it again since the long race was back on that same bike ride again… it really hurt going up that hill again. I have to do something about my nutrition.

1 hour and 45 minutes after getting on the bike I parked it in transition to get back on the road for the last 3.9 mile run and pain continues as my quads keep cramping up at 1 mile  but I realize that it hurts less to run than to walk.

When I got to the finish line at about 3 hours and 18 minutes the prize ceremony for the real athletes just finished but I was welcomed at the finish line with water and a big high five by Charlotte’s personal trainer and the multi sport guru who finished 10th in the race.

Summary of the day: I accomplished my goal to finish the race and now I am off to train harder to get ready for the first sprint and then an olympic triathlon in June.

Update Monday 3 May: Race Result… I was 108 out of 128 so not last and just have to cut about 1 minute per mile on the runs and increase my average speed on the bike with 2-3 miles per hour to be among the top 50%. 

All in all I am happy I just managed to finish the race and I now know what it takes so I just need to work harder. 

5.12 mi
Pace Transition 1 TimeBike
28.88 mi
Pace Transition 2 TimeRun2 3.79 mi Pace Total Time
45:33 8.56 1.54 1:52:49 15.3 2.02 36:36 9.38 3:18:56

I am almost ready for a threesome