Swim clinic at Beaver Lake

9 am Sunday morning there were about 10 fishing poles at Beaver Lake and then about 20 nutcases (at least that’s how the guys fishing looked at us) ready to jump in the water for a swim clinic with the great folks from Mr. Crampys. I swam with the experienced group and really learned a lot about swimming in a crowd, turning around the buoys but also nice tips on effective swim technique in case you hit waves. Before this morning I had spent a total of 15 minutes doing open water swimming as part of my two races so far so I was a little worried but about 50 minutes later I had kept up with the group and done the drills successfully. I have to swim more with the suit on as I’m still not used to the pressure around my chest but if I just pull the neckline and get some water in it feels fine again.. think I will get used to this and be able to get through a mile or so in August/September. 


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