Strike Plan 1

I know i can swing the club ok and can hit lot of greens for pretty low scores at times. I can feel when I miss hit toe or heel. I can somewhat adjust to hit either toe or heel on command. – that is all when i am on the range. On the course i am all over the place finding that sweet spot consistently.

I want to shoot in 60’s one time this season and know it will take some effort.

I see my stats for approach shots slowly creep up above 50% GIR but also continue to see misses dominated by fat shots or toes and pulls going left. Green misses from 200 yds and in are close to 30% short and 12 % left.

I really like practicing so why not practice deliberately towards striking the ball better.

Got the Strike Plan from for less than a greenfee. First lesson is basic where do you strike the ball but its filled with great drills. Went trough the concepts video and did a first session on range armed with some foot spray just validating where i hit and i got some good info. Cool drill to ljne up with ball in middle and try to hit toe or heel is good practice in adjusting. Line up with ball on toe and find sweet spot worked really well for me but opposite heel line up was harder. Gate drill where i have tee on each side was hard to find good distance for tees with my small blade club head. Overall good drills and will stick to them for a few more sessions before taking on next lesson and also feel that i will keep going back to these line up and adjust drills now and then.

Tip – make sure you are downwind from others on range when applying foot spray to your clubs.

– Brjann

Back to Victoria a year later

Not a very active blogger in the last year. My last triathlon was last years Victoria Half as my knees started bugging me shortly after and then things got in the way of my training for a few months. It was fun things though – I got back into coaching volleyball after 15 years away from the sport. I’ve just signed up to be the head coach for the high school team so will be a bit challenging to keep my own training going come August to October but this year I know about it and will plan.

Back to triathlon.

I’ve had an interesting off season with some nagging injuries and then after a Duathlon race my bike was stolen. I managed to get a new bike some three weeks ago and it is so much fun. I bought a BMC Timemachine TM02 which is a tri bike compared to the stolen road bike. Fast on the flats and a bit challenging on the up hills so far.

This past weekend I was back in Victoria for the Victoria Half Ironman and the goal was to get under 5.30 which would be little over two minutes faster than last year – doable even with the not so perfect season so far.

I felt like a newbie this weekend, transition station wasn’t set up as neatly as before, I kept forgetting little things during the morning of the race and I even put my wetsuit on backwards…

Everything felt great as I entered the water a good 25 minutes before start and did a swim and just got used to the somewhat warm water. Plan was to start fairly quick and get some clean water but I failed on that part and was caught in the middle of a stampede. Had to fight my way out of there to calm waters and lost valuable minutes and raised heart rate substantially. I was a little surprised I was in at about 36 minutes as I felt like I was just standing still in the water.

Transition wasn’t really smooth but nothing to worry about. Got on the bike and in the really nice weather there wasn’t much to do but get going and be prepared for almost 3 hours on the bike.

I did buy a powermeter for the new bike so had my plan to keep at around 80% on the bike. Technical issue right away, watch wasn’t picking up my speed nor distance.. I rode with only power and time for three hours and even managed to hit the lap button so had to reset the timer and as such also lost my total time.

Bike felt good and it was so much fun to ride fast … a bit too fast as by the end of the day I had ridden at over 90% of my threshold level. I came in at just under 2.50 which was about 9 minutes faster than last year so quick calculation in my head said I should be ok to beat 5.30.

Run was hard, really hard and my pace got slower and slower as my legs and back kept telling me how stupid it was to have so much fun on the bike. I will stick to my bike plan next time as this run was painful and ended up costing me little over a minute.

I finished the race in just under 5.32 which is a new PR.

All in all a really nice race weekend and after the long drive home my legs were still telling me that I am stupid. Now two days later I am back to normal and ready to go at it again.

Promise of more writing this summer and coming year as I share my time between Triathlon, Volleyball and Golf.



Big race coming up

My training is going really well and my volume is getting quite respectable with 7-10 hours a week with a good mix of swim, bike and run. The most fun right now is that I signed up for Trainingpeaks and my coach adds workouts every week and I realize that he gets an email when I log a workout as complete.

Last weekend was the first tri of the season and I did pretty well shaving off 11 minutes of the result from last year. The swim was just ok but the bike was above 20mph in average and then the run was ok with just under 25 min on a rough uneven trail course. Final time was 1.17 which put me just outside top ten in my age group. 

This coming week is tapering for my big race this season, the Subaru Victoria Island Half Ironman triathlon. Really looking forward to the race and of course trying my very best to beat my time of 6.15 from Black Diamond last season.

Training has been fun so far with good progress on my run speed and a couple of miles per hour faster on the bike. Big this weekend is to see how well my legs hold up after the bike as last year I cramped up early on the bike but then again I had cramp feelings on the longer bricks I did as well which I haven’t felt this season. It is still early in the season so there is time for more improvements but for this next race I am all set and ready to take on a almost 6 hour training session.



Finally – Lake Sammamish loop is open

West Lake Sammamish Parkway closed this winter after a mudslide and finally re-opened this week. After celebrating Sofia on her 11th birthday in the morning Charlotte, Caroline and Sofia took of for Swedish school in Seattle and Johanna went back to bed but I prepped my water bottles, 1 with Perpeteum and 1 with water and instead of riding from home I took the car down to Marymoor Park.  I wasn’t alone getting ready to go for a bike ride, there were at least 20 cars on the parking lot with bike racks and even if it was just 915 there were people coming back from their ride and going back home. You have to take the opportunity to ride when the weather is nice here in the PNW.

I had decided to do a 2.5 to 3 hour ride so 2 loops around the lake should be ok and since the loop is basically flat I tried to pedal as hard as I could on the flats. I feel that my climbs and descents are ok but riding on the flat is something different – it takes endurance and technique. I managed to get more power having my hands lower on the handle bar .. hm wonder if I should try putting some aero clips on and get bike fit done.

The ride was really nice with just a little wind and not really that cold which was good since I forgot my gloves.

I averaged about 18mph which is about what I did during races last season and I didn’t feel like I was complete empty when I got back and this is after the 2.5 hours of hill and trail runs yesterday. My ride on Garmin 

Next weekend is longish run on Sunday and Saturday hill work on Hollywood hill with tri team followed by a little more bike to get to about 2.5 hours and then a 30 minute run.


Looking back at where I was and what my goals are

In November 2009 I was 115 kg and even being goalie in a thirty minute soccer game was really exhausting but Charlotte and I decided that something has to be done so we signed up for a training class at Pro Club Willows Road in Redmond. In 8 weeks I lost 15 kg and the scale wasn’t triple digit for the first time in many years. During 2010 I did some 5k and 10k races and continued to get in shape and loose the weight but of course much slower so during 2011 I maintained the weight at 90-93 pretty much with a few trips below 90 at the peak of Triathlon season that year.

Going into this season I have a year or so behind me with steady training and given that we really don’t like that diet stuff I have been happy with my weight being around 87 kg and not thinking twice about going for a 15k run, a 3000 m swim or a 60km bike ride knowing that I will be ready for another training session the day after.

Now as my 2012 season is kicking into high gear I’m really excited about getting into the season in better endurance shape than last year even if I probably was a bit stronger last year from a a lot of strength and short intense cardio work.

Last year I ended with a unplanned Half Ironman so primary goal this year is to really race the Victoria Half in June. Race for me is to come in well under 6 hours and being able to run the half marathon and not as last year.. cramps the whole run. I will of course do a handful or so of Sprints and Olympics with focus on more Olympic races where I want to shave off about 15 minutes to get in under 2.30.

Key for me to be able to do these improvements will be average speed on the bike and being able to maintain a good pace on the run which means I’m building stronger legs and trying to improve endurance plus would probably not hurt to get down to around 80 kg instead of the 87 or so today.

The question I keep getting is .. when will you do the full Ironman? Next year if I can manage to get a spot in one of the events around here …. would have been fun this year since I’m turning 40.

It´s all about having fun training


Fantastic end to first triathlon season

In December 2010 I had never ridden a road bike, had never really done any open water swimming and I had recently done a 10km race for the first time. I wasn’t really planning to get up at 7 every Saturday for many months at that time but I really enjoyed the first Pro Sports Club Triathlon team workout with great coaches and even greater team members. I read as much as I could find on the internet about Triathlon and saw that there are sprint and olympic races in addition to the crazy long triathlons. I spent the next few months getting used to bricks where you do two or more sports after each other as part of your training session. I quickly learned that I needed a road bike so research started to find something that wouldn’t break the bank … I really failed in my research and bought a fantastic ride called Argon 18 Krypton. I had never ridden a road bike before so this was really exciting and I love the bike and just wish I had ridden it more.

When it was time for the ProClub tri teams first brick training with a couple of hours on the bike and then run 3k made I just laughed and thought – that’s nuts! Fact is I really enjoyed training during the weeks and then when I started doing races in May I was hooked – triathlons are just a whole lot of fun.

Sure, getting up at 5am to go for a long outdoor swim doesn’t sound that fun but you forget all about that when you see the beautiful sunrise over Lake Sammamish or Pine Lake.

My season was supposed to be a few sprints and a couple of olympic distance races which you can read about in other race reports on this blog but in late June I had a chat with coach Cody Novak about ending my season with a Half Ironman and after talking to team mates Alan Faulkner and John Brewer a few weeks ago we all three decided to go for it.

Fightclub swim

Black Diamond Long Course triathlon in Enumclaw, WA is the last race of the season and I picked up Alan and John at 6am for the drive toward the majestic Mt Rainier and Nolte State park. Transition station is all setup and ready by 745 so time for a quick warm up run and a few trips to the bathroom. The field was just 190 people in total so only 3 waves as we got started on the swim on a very foggy Deep Lake. The starting waves were pretty big and it took me some time to get into a rhythm after being hit, kicked and swam over a few times. Sighting was hard in the fog and as I was quite aggressive going around the buoys I was hit and kicked a few more times before getting out of the water at after 36:23. I am ok with the time for a 1.2 mile swim.

Strong bike

Biking for 56 miles requires a lot of planning to make sure you get the right amount of nutrition to both make it through the bike feeling strong and also fuel up for the half marathon run. This was a great experience for me in that I think I was pretty ok on nutrition, maybe a little low on calories and carbs but plenty of water and electrolyte drink. The bike course didn’t have any big hills but plenty of rollers where you would struggle to keep cadence and speed on a road that looked!!! pretty flat. I felt really strong on the bike and realized after the first 28 miles at 1:25 that I was going too fast and really tried to preserve some energy on the rest of the ride but as strong as I felt I just kept going and finished in 3:03 which is the same pace as I have had in my sprint and IMG_8253olympic races this year.

Big energy boost in transition 2 when I saw Charlotte, Caroline and Sofia cheering me on.


The torture


Wow, cant believe how good I’m feeling but then between mile 2 and 3 my quads just told me they were not going to take this anymore. They must have completely missed the salt tablets and hydration I had taken on the bike… Ok, this is going to get tough but I can do 10 minute miles. Mile 4 and I could barely walk and my average pace was now over 10 minutes per mile so I realize I’m not trying to finish these 13 miles in 2.10 to get under 6 hours. I now focus on surviving and and taking it as slow as necessary to prevent getting injured and to be able to finish the race. Limping around with cramps made my run/walk form really messed and my back started to hurt. When I hit 7 miles I started to dream about getting into the water after finishing the race, mile 9 I walked a little with another cramped up 40 year old and we realized we were so happy to not have 9 miles left when we met a few people in pain on their way out. Miles 12 and 13 took me 35 minutes to complete but I did jog across the finish line and what an amazing feeling to cross the line with my girls and a bunch of Pro Club tri team members cheering me on. I did the half marathon in 2:31 but who cares … 70.3 miles / 113km …




Next season training starts next weekend !


I’m an Olympian

Well not quite true of course but I did do my first Olympic distance triathlon today and I finished the race and even finished strong. I have just done sprint tri’s so far and the my big worry was the run – I really don’t know how hard I can bike and still have power left for the bike without cramping up.

This race really started three weeks ago when I did a long hard brick workout with the ProClub tri team where we biked 40 miles over the 7 hills of Kirkland course and then a 10k run. I managed to run 7k before my legs started cramping so something was wrong with my nutrition or speed on bike or run. The bike was really tough so my guess is that I just didn’t have fuel left in my legs and Coach Michael told me I should tri some salt tablets to keep the cramp away.

Time for Finish Strong Olympic Triathlon in Monroe, Washington

345 AM – what is going on, who is calling middle of the night, can somebody please answer that phone and turn off that sound … after a good oatmeal with bananas breakfast I packed the last things into the car and out Alan’s and my bike on the bike rack. Alan dropped by yesterday to drop of his gear so we could get a good start in the morning. We got up to Monroe at 530, right when registration and transition opened and it was totally dark but we could see that the lake was covered in a thick fog. Race was delayed 15 minutes to let the fog clear and when wave 1 started Alan and I together with another 25 guys supposed to start in Wave 2 were left on the beach as all men apparently started at the same time …

Swim course was a bit odd and actually must have been a little shorter than 1500 meters as after struggling a bit with astma and having to breaststroke to get air a minute or so I finished the swim in 19:25 which is maybe 4-5 minutes less than what I had expected on 1500. Lake was shallow and really warm and I thought I was going to strand as a big whale a few times during the swim as all in a sudden my hands hit the bottom. My swim was ranked 36th which is a bit disappointing but given that I was still holding my goggles waiting for next wave at the start. It was a good experience swimming through, over, under the crowd. T1 went good and with a couple of breathers with the astma inhalator I was as good as new and exited transition at 1:43.

I felt strong getting out on the little longer bike ride which I knew was going to pretty flat. Olympic distance should be 26 miles but this was 28. The bike race went ok and I felt good all the way .. too good actually, probably could have pushed a bit harder as I finished in 1:29 with average of just under 19mph on this flat course. I was worried about leaving enough juice in my legs for the run so took it easy.. next time I will push it more. During the bike I managed to get the right amount of nutrition with Gu Gel and salt tablets plus plenty of water.

Transition to Run was good at 1:08 and I started my run a bit fast as usual but quickly managed to control my tempo to a 8.30-8.45 minutes per mile tempo which I knew I could do over 6 miles. Legs felt fantastic and I really need to get some more cardio work done as my run tempo is limited by my lungs… off season work is going to so much fun. When I went through the goal/transition are for the second 5K the sun really started to heat up but the cheering from the crowd really helped. I stayed at a steady tempo and at 4 miles I heard a familiar sound behind me, Alan had caught me which I expected would happen during the run .. he is really fast on the run. I felt ok all through the run and managed to speed up a bit on the last mile to finish in 52.25 which probably is my fastest 10k. Next time I think I will run without having my speed and pace visible on my watch as I think I will run faster.

During the whole race it was great to see other ProClub Tri team athletes on the course and of course Denise cheering us on during the run after she rocked the sprint race. During the run I put up a minor goal to finish my first 5k before Jason H in the ProClub team (5th overall with 2.17) finished his second and last 5K …he passed me 100 yards before the 5K turn.

I finished the race in about 2.44:33 and according to Jason and others the total time for them was similar to a normal Olympic as the swim was a bit short and the bike was longer. Longer swim is better for me… I am really happy that I felt ok throughout the race and I know I left a few minutes on the course. New olympic race in three weeks and then I will decide in a couple of days if I will do the Black Diamond half ironman last weekend of September or just stick with another olympic.

Times compared to other races (swim distance this weekend is 0.75 in the table as I don’t know how long it actually was.). Link to the full results from this weekend on







Issaqua Sprint






Cottage Lake Super Sprint






Whidbey Island Sprint






Finish Strong Olympic












Issaqua Sprint






Cottage Lake Super Sprint






Whidbey Island Sprint






Finish Strong Olympic












Issaqua Sprint






Cottage Lake Super Sprint






Whidbey Island Sprint






Finish Strong Olympic









Age group


Issaqua Sprint






Cottage Lake Super Sprint






Whidbey Island Sprint






Finish Strong Olympic







// Brjann

Whidbey Island Triathlon race report

I had my eyes set on the Enumclaw Olympic tri on 8/7 but that race was cancelled so I looked around for other race and found Whidbey Island Sprint Tri. Great race to do instead of the Olympic as the swim distance at this spring was .5 miles instead of the .25 many other sprints have. Thanks Cody and the boot campers, my running is getting much better but the four week vacation away from my bike didn’t really help on the hills. Big thanks also to the team at Mr Crampy’s and the experienced triathletes that help out at the swim clinics at Beaver Lake as these really help newbies like me getting used to the triathlon specifics of an open swim.  Like their page on Facebook and join the clinics for some fun.

It was a 9 am start but I needed to catch the 6 am ferry to have time to check in and then set up my two different transition stations since this was a point to point race with Swim at Goss Lake and then the run started and finished at Community Park. The organizers really did a good job managing the transportation between the transition stations that are 7 miles apart and overall this was a well managed event and even if the first transition is really odd it was a great day on beautiful Whidbey Island.

The swim was in Goss Lake in 70+ degrees and I though about wearing the wetsuit or not but given that I have only done open water swimming in the suit I opted to use it.

Started the swim at the front right side and quickly found a couple of bubble makers to draft off but for some reason I lost them a couple of minutes into the swim so I continued in a good tempo and I didn’t realize I was going the wrong direction until it was too late… oh that is why I lost those feet Sad smile  I excited the swim at just over 14 minutes which is a bit slow for me but I had just done an extra 100 meters or so.. The transition is really odd, you run up and change in to your bike gear which is stuffed into a plastic bag before the race and then you run to your bike in other place in T1.

Bike ride started with a hill and luckily I had heard about that so had my bike set on low gear and was able to get a good start. Just a 10 minutes into the ride my legs were on fire, pulse was way up after the swim and due to the hills in the first few miles. The cheering from the locals really helped me getting into the zone and my second time around was better and I felt ok even if I was passed by many on the long hills but but happy to say that my downhill and flat riding is fairly fast so I was able to catch up and pass a few as well. The hills weren’t steep but long and I think I should do some more Hollywood hill training rides..

All in all the bike was ok and I’m really thankful to one of my fellow riders who took time to let me know that the first part of the run would be all uphill. I fueled up and tried to flush my legs on the last mile. Transition 2 went well , found my shoes and hat and left my bike and gear at T2 and headed into the dark forest on Whidbey Island. Run started up up up for about a mile through a really nice trail through the forest ending on a soccer field and after that it was all flat or downhill so even if my first mile was just over 9 minutes I was able to finish the run in just under 8 min per mile which is basically my goal for these runs.

How did it go? When I crossed the finish line I was happy to see that it was under 2 hours and I wasn’t totally out of breath so maybe I didn’t quite go all out on the run..

Official Results where you can see that the winner was in my age group and was “only” 25 minutes before me Whidbey Island 2011 Triathlon Results and that my different splits except the swim were all ranked around 75th and my swim ranked 30th.

Net Time: 01:54:14
Swim (1/2 mile) : 00:14:05
T1: 00:02:48
Bike (19.5 miles): 01:07:08
T2: Not recorded so estimated to 1 min in table below
Run (3.8 miles): 00:30:12

I finished 67th overall out of 219 and 5th out of 11 in my age group which is a really nice improvement from the first sprint and if you read my blog after that race you might remember that my goal at next sprint was to get into the top 50%. The Cottage Lake sprint wasn’t as competitive as the other two so placement is a bit misleading. Swim and run shows improvement in pace but the Whidbey bike ride was much harder.

Swim  Distance Mph Pace T1
Issaqua Sprint 0:08:39 0.25 1.73 34:36.0 03:38
Cottage Lake Super Sprint 0:06:39 0.25 2.26 26:36.0 01:31
Whidbey Island Sprint 0:14:05 0.5 2.13 28:10.0 02:48
Bike Distance Mph Pace T2
Issaqua Sprint 0:46:29 14.8 19.10 03:08.4 1:27
Cottage Lake Super Sprint 0:28:21 9.2 19.47 03:04.9 0:44
Whidbey Island Sprint 1:06:08 19.5 17.69 03:23.5 1:00
Run Distance  Mph Pace
Issaqua Sprint 0:28:07 3.2 6.83 08:47.2
Cottage Lake Super Sprint 0:12:51 1.6 7.47 08:01.9
Whidbey Island Sprint 0:30:12 3.8 7.55 07:56.8
Time Overall Age group
Issaqua Sprint 1:28:18 218/374 37/66
Cottage Lake Super Sprint 0:49:31 13/230 3/11
Whidbey Island Sprint 1:54:14 67/219 5/11

Cottage Lake Super Sprint

Now I’m not just a triathlete but also a Pacific Northwest Triathlete as todays super sprint was wet through all three disciplines. I woke up at 6 hearing the rain against the windows but it wasn’t really pouring down so wasn’t much of an issue.

Going into this short sprint where the swim was the normal sprint distance of 400m but only 9.2 miles bike and 1.6 miles run I had one goal and that was to feel comfortable in the swim. The water was a little warmer, just above 60, so no problem to loose the neoprene cap which made me feel less strangled. The swim felt really good with a nice rhythm from the start and I never felt the panic that hit me last time. This time I did get in the water before the race and swam a few minutes which made it possible to adjust the wetsuit and other stuff and I really felt comfortable. Official timing isn’t posted yet but my watch said about 6.30 which is about 2 minutes faster than in Lake Sammamish Triathlon.

Transitions was a little slower and tougher this time with the rain but I felt pretty good getting on the bike , my watch is messed up right now so didn’t get any speed and cadence but I was only passed by a couple of riders before I had to stop to fix my chain and a dozen or so swooshed by me. Chain pops off when I switch gears in front and I ‘ve tried to adjust the front derailleur my self but I better take it to Mr. Crampys and have them help me. I had a couple of guys around me the whole bike ride and I think we pushed each other as a group to go faster which was fun. My legs felt really heavy at times and I don’t think it was such a good idea to run 8 miles on Thursday .. I’m not in that good of a shape yet but I might just blame that on age now that I am 39 my body recovers slower.

I knew the run was really short so wanted to keep the temp up quite a bit but this is where I told my self … You are stupid !! You should not run 8 miles two days before a race!! You are not ready for that!! .. I settled into a slower pace and my friends from the bike cheered me on when I started to loose tempo. Thanks guys! I stopped my clock at 49 min when I crossed the finish line where I also realized that I should register with Brian instead of Brjann cause the announcer just went .. Nr 743…………brjn

All in all a great day and a really nice event.

Official result: 13th overall out of about 230 and 3rd in my age group.. this doesn’t include the “elite” who did Tri and Tri again, ie did the course twice. hm.. the two guys I had in front of me in the age group were the two I joined after they passed me when my chain “dropped off”…

Link to all results

Place Name Bib No Age Gender: 13 Brjann Brekkan 743 39 M

Swim 0.25 mile: Rnk Time Pace 13 6:38.9 26:32

T1: Rnk Time 23 1:31.1

Bike 9.2 miles : Rnk Time Pace 23 28:21.4 19.5

T2: Rnk Time 26 0:44.0

Run 1.6 miles : Rnk, Time Pace 34 12:15.1 7:39

Final Time 49:30.5


Officially an endurance “sort of” athlete

After months of waiting and training I finally did my first multi sport event today. I say sort of athlete as I was little over an hour behind the real athletes in the race but I accomplished what I had hoped: to finish! I have been a bit off training in the last few weeks after my sprained ankle so it was a push to sign up for the long race but I might as well try.

Didn’t start to good yesterday when I took the bike down from its roof hook and it discovered it had a flat..  I changed a flat last weekend and I suspected there is something in the tire so off to buy a tire and some tubes.

Beautiful, amazing drive to Enumclaw this morning at 530 AM as the close I got the bigger the majestic snow covered Mt Rainier became even if I was a bit worried as the external temperature was just above freezing…

Very sunny but cold start at 8am and I dressed a bit warm as half way into the first 5.2 mile run I was really warm. Finished the first run in about 45 min and got on the bike for 2 times 14.4 miles and I was passed over and over again by these “real” athletes with their $10K triathlon and time-trial bikes. I felt like a tourist on a Sunday afternoon bike ride to the Redhook Brewery but as we got closer to the half way point where the 2 mile hill climb was I actually started to catch up to the field and then my calves went on vacation… cramps cramps cramps… even on the ending mile long 30 miles per hour down hill I had cramps.

Down the hill and then back on it again since the long race was back on that same bike ride again… it really hurt going up that hill again. I have to do something about my nutrition.

1 hour and 45 minutes after getting on the bike I parked it in transition to get back on the road for the last 3.9 mile run and pain continues as my quads keep cramping up at 1 mile  but I realize that it hurts less to run than to walk.

When I got to the finish line at about 3 hours and 18 minutes the prize ceremony for the real athletes just finished but I was welcomed at the finish line with water and a big high five by Charlotte’s personal trainer and the multi sport guru who finished 10th in the race.

Summary of the day: I accomplished my goal to finish the race and now I am off to train harder to get ready for the first sprint and then an olympic triathlon in June.

Update Monday 3 May: Race Result… I was 108 out of 128 so not last and just have to cut about 1 minute per mile on the runs and increase my average speed on the bike with 2-3 miles per hour to be among the top 50%. 

All in all I am happy I just managed to finish the race and I now know what it takes so I just need to work harder. 

5.12 mi
Pace Transition 1 TimeBike
28.88 mi
Pace Transition 2 TimeRun2 3.79 mi Pace Total Time
45:33 8.56 1.54 1:52:49 15.3 2.02 36:36 9.38 3:18:56

I am almost ready for a threesome