Strike plan part 2

It’s been a up and down few weeks as expected but making some progress as I really focus on feel at impact. Dont care what swing looks like and turns out i have flattened and shortened it to gain strike consistency.

I’ve always been pretty agressive which has more and more meant i have tendency to really go fly fishing and get both outside in path and a closed club head … lets say left is my main miss.

Putting a towel an inch behind ball and other drill with headcover on outside in path to find a good path and strike is helping – i know how to adjust to get the club square but need way more consistency with practice.

Another drill I like is put an alignment stick in ground 10-15 feet in front just barely left of target and practice that butter cut – makes me really pay attention to clubpath and clubhead. Have to buy some pool noodles to put in alignment stick so i dont get pierced by one when i miss and hit it… hurts like hell when it recoils back and hits you

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and I deciced to get a new driver. Got a fitting setup and found setup with Rogue Sub Zero but just didnt feel ok. Went back a day later played around with weights and just didnt feel it. Tried a Ping G400 Max and fitter a couple of daya later and fitter says I cant sell you a new driver after J took out my own and compared. So still with my XR 16 Pro and XStiff Diamana Ahina shaft which is way too much for me as swingspeed has come down almost 10 mph with weight gain… Good news is the Strike Plan work flattening the swing has made me believe in my driver and i am just over 50% fw hit and getting my length back to averaging a 245-250 carry.

Work continues and i have also switched back to old faithful Nr 7 putter and feel i will get closer to 1.8 putts on GIR.just over 2 today.