Cottage Lake Super Sprint

Now I’m not just a triathlete but also a Pacific Northwest Triathlete as todays super sprint was wet through all three disciplines. I woke up at 6 hearing the rain against the windows but it wasn’t really pouring down so wasn’t much of an issue.

Going into this short sprint where the swim was the normal sprint distance of 400m but only 9.2 miles bike and 1.6 miles run I had one goal and that was to feel comfortable in the swim. The water was a little warmer, just above 60, so no problem to loose the neoprene cap which made me feel less strangled. The swim felt really good with a nice rhythm from the start and I never felt the panic that hit me last time. This time I did get in the water before the race and swam a few minutes which made it possible to adjust the wetsuit and other stuff and I really felt comfortable. Official timing isn’t posted yet but my watch said about 6.30 which is about 2 minutes faster than in Lake Sammamish Triathlon.

Transitions was a little slower and tougher this time with the rain but I felt pretty good getting on the bike , my watch is messed up right now so didn’t get any speed and cadence but I was only passed by a couple of riders before I had to stop to fix my chain and a dozen or so swooshed by me. Chain pops off when I switch gears in front and I ‘ve tried to adjust the front derailleur my self but I better take it to Mr. Crampys and have them help me. I had a couple of guys around me the whole bike ride and I think we pushed each other as a group to go faster which was fun. My legs felt really heavy at times and I don’t think it was such a good idea to run 8 miles on Thursday .. I’m not in that good of a shape yet but I might just blame that on age now that I am 39 my body recovers slower.

I knew the run was really short so wanted to keep the temp up quite a bit but this is where I told my self … You are stupid !! You should not run 8 miles two days before a race!! You are not ready for that!! .. I settled into a slower pace and my friends from the bike cheered me on when I started to loose tempo. Thanks guys! I stopped my clock at 49 min when I crossed the finish line where I also realized that I should register with Brian instead of Brjann cause the announcer just went .. Nr 743…………brjn

All in all a great day and a really nice event.

Official result: 13th overall out of about 230 and 3rd in my age group.. this doesn’t include the “elite” who did Tri and Tri again, ie did the course twice. hm.. the two guys I had in front of me in the age group were the two I joined after they passed me when my chain “dropped off”…

Link to all results

Place Name Bib No Age Gender: 13 Brjann Brekkan 743 39 M

Swim 0.25 mile: Rnk Time Pace 13 6:38.9 26:32

T1: Rnk Time 23 1:31.1

Bike 9.2 miles : Rnk Time Pace 23 28:21.4 19.5

T2: Rnk Time 26 0:44.0

Run 1.6 miles : Rnk, Time Pace 34 12:15.1 7:39

Final Time 49:30.5


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