Big race coming up

My training is going really well and my volume is getting quite respectable with 7-10 hours a week with a good mix of swim, bike and run. The most fun right now is that I signed up for Trainingpeaks and my coach adds workouts every week and I realize that he gets an email when I log a workout as complete.

Last weekend was the first tri of the season and I did pretty well shaving off 11 minutes of the result from last year. The swim was just ok but the bike was above 20mph in average and then the run was ok with just under 25 min on a rough uneven trail course. Final time was 1.17 which put me just outside top ten in my age group. 

This coming week is tapering for my big race this season, the Subaru Victoria Island Half Ironman triathlon. Really looking forward to the race and of course trying my very best to beat my time of 6.15 from Black Diamond last season.

Training has been fun so far with good progress on my run speed and a couple of miles per hour faster on the bike. Big this weekend is to see how well my legs hold up after the bike as last year I cramped up early on the bike but then again I had cramp feelings on the longer bricks I did as well which I haven’t felt this season. It is still early in the season so there is time for more improvements but for this next race I am all set and ready to take on a almost 6 hour training session.



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