Competitions and new bike

This last week has been busy for a beginner triathlete ..  I decided what events I will be doing and established a weekly training schedule for the first part of the season together with one of the coaches. The bigger news is that I ordered a bike and I will post pictures more info when I get it early next week.. the link points to a generic page but my bike has some other components and tires.

I plan on doing these triathlon events and maybe a couple of 10k+ running races

May 1st – Mt.Rainier Duathlon

May 30th – Mont Lake Park Sprint TRI

June 11th – Moses Lake Sprint TRI

Not decided what events I will do in June/July

Aug 27th – Lake Sammamish Sprint TRI

Sept 10th – Lake Stephens OLYMPIC TRI

Sept 25 – Black Diamond TRI (Sprint or Olympic)


2 thoughts on “Competitions and new bike

    • Kom till Sverige i sommar så kan vi cykla Vätternrundan tillsammans. 30 mil, kan behöva trevligt sällskap under tiden 🙂

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