Training continues – kilos dropping

Oops, it has been 2 weeks since my last post.. last week was a bit shorter as we went to Whistler three days but I managed to 4 training sessions including a nice swim session based on an old 2500m program from Kroons swimming team in Uppsala with one of my favorite drills: 8*25m 3-5-7 stroke breathing. This drill is in the middle of the program and you do 25m where you breathe every 3 stroke then 25m  breathing on every 5th … Really nice way to get long powerful strokes and forces you to keep your form in the water. There is one more drill that I can recommend as well and that is to do 8*25 on time and you count your strokes with the goal that every 25m is faster and less arm strokes. 16 strokes is the best I can do right now. I also did strength training, a interval run and a little bit of biking before heading up to Whistler. 

Whistler was a bit wet with rain even high up on the mountain but Johanna, Sofia and I had two days of good skiiing. Charlotte’s fractured foot didn’t like the skiing – she is a really hero for trying but it didn’t work – and Caroline got sick after the first day so C and C didn’t have a great vacation.

This past week I have done 2 strength classes, a 10K run at decent tempo and then today we had triathlon team spinning class – most fun 1200 calories in 1.5 hours I have ever burned Smile

I want to reach out and thanks all of my friends who have given me hints and ideas on what type of heart rate monitor to buy – today I decided to go for the Garmin FR60 with running pod, hrm strap and the bike kit as this watch is something I will use every day in my training without feeling like I am carrying a computer. Really looking forward to starting tracking my training in more detail and learning more about my body and what limits I should be stretching.

Tracking your training? I use Funbeat. Är du medlem på Funbeat? Jag loggar all träning så lägg till mig på kompis listan.

Best news of the week: I am not prioritizing loosing weight (Nov 2008: 115kg – Jan 2011 89.5kg) but all this training showed up when I did my yearly check up at the doctor this week and my numbers are much better now. Still a bit high blood sugar but everything else is really really good and doctor was confident the blood sugar will drop even more. 

Legs are sore but will go for 5k run tomorrow in my new running tights as I have to get my Vitamin D levels up and there are rumors about chances of sunshine in Redmond


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