Oops.. decided to change my competition plan a bit

Spring is in the air … well not really since we have had some snow and really cold weather over here for a week now but in Swedish “springa” is to run. My running has been going quite well in the last few weeks so I signed up for Lake Sammamish half marathon on 26 March. Checked in with my coach and she was a bit surprised but helped me set up a program to add another mile per week to my weekend long run so I will have done at least 11 miles before the race.

She asked me to make sure I back off a bit the last few days before the race which won’t be a problem as I will be in Las Vegas the week before delivering 4 presentations at Microsoft Management Summit. I wonder how long the strip is as I might just run it up and down a few times during the week.


I did get my new bike last weekend but with the cold weather and slippery roads I haven’t been able to take it out for a real ride yet. It just sits there waiting for me to put my tight biking shorts, a colorful shirt and my helmet on. I have promised my daughters that I would never ever go outdoors without wearing normal shorts on top of the biking shorts …I have 2-3 kg left until the 85 kg I want to be when the races start so I wonder what they will say when they see me in my triathlon race one-piece suite.



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