Stepping it up a bit and triathlons are contagious

I’m realizing that I have signed up for a Long Course Triathlon / Half Ironman / 70.3 (US miles) / 11.3 (Metric miles) and with that I also have to step up my training a little bit to at least do what I can to prepare. My basic weekly training with 2 interval runs (short/long), 2 swim (indoor intervals/long open water), 1 bike ride and then either a race or long run on weekend stays the same but with a bit longer intervals and an added weekend long brick (bike and run) session.

This weekend I did a 10 mile run on a really hilly road in the sun and I was actually surprised to feel really fresh throughout the whole run. The half marathon distance is not that scary after that run and the really tough brick I did last Monday with 1.5 hours of race day spinning and then 10k directly after that gave me some confidence as well. I feel pretty confident that I can do each of the distances in a, for me, decent time … the issue will be to do all three but I guess that is the fun part of being a triathlete.

My Brooks Trance 9 that I have been using all season are worn out and I have always felt that they are a bit roomy so I’m testing the Brooks Ghost 3 a few runs this week to see if those will be my new standard shoe .. the Trance has a lot of support for pronation but I actually run pretty much straight so the Neutral support in the Ghost should work but I wont take any chances if they don’t feel good in my first few runs.

Charlotte did her second half marathon today on a warm and sunny Labor day, just little over two months after her shoulder surgery – I ‘m really impressed and proud of her not just finishing the race but basically match her time from Kirkland Half in May.

Not registered for Kirkland Sprint Triathlon but we might form a team with me swimming, Johanna taking care of the 12 mile bike ride and Charlotte crushing the 5K. Caroline and Sofia will probably do the kids tri on Sunday as well.. I’m spreading the triathlon bug.


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