Half Ironman in September

I really never thought about any type of long Ironman races when I decided I wanted to try triathlon but 7 months into this adventure I have decided to take the next step right away this season. The half ironman is also called 70.3 based on the number of total miles or 11.3 in the metric system where a “mil” is 10 km; you swim 2 km,  bike 90 km and then run 21 km.

The Black Diamond Long Course Triathlon is 24 September and plan on doing that race to learn and have a fun last race of the season. My goal is of course just to finish the race and if that means I will have to walk most of the half marathon then so be it. I will of course do my very best and try to get a decent first time.


The swim isn’t too scary with 1.2 miles/2km but I have heard that the water is colder than in the lakes we have around here but a reasonable time for me would be about 50 minutes.


The 56 mile/90k bike ride is very close to my longest ride done so far which was the 100k during 7 Hills of Kirkland and I can remember how tired my legs were and how much my behind hurt. I managed to get through that bike ride in just over 4 hours but I believe the ride is little easier at Black Diamond.


Finally the run is a half marathon which I have done only twice, first time with Charlotte at Kirkland Half where we both ran our first half in 2.02 and then the second time this summer in Sweden where I hit a big wall of heat and jet lag with a final time of 2.34.


This race is all that on the same day…

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